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My lovely collection

My lovely collection

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This collection features a design from the Positivity and Motivational section. It started out with receiving a tumbler to a friend turned sister. This led to months long conversations "ooooh let's do this" or "this would be so cute" So we finally decided "We are doing the thing"! I mean think about it, what pairs better with a pen then a journal? And of course you need a bookmark to keep your place! Thirsty? Tumblers are easy to always keep near. *BOOM* The My Lovely collection was born. So on the days where you are feeling a little low, pick up your pen, write in your journal, and sip out of your tumbler... And let us remind you, that YOU ARE ENOUGH! 

Each set comes with:

1 Beaded Pen

1Beaded Bookmark

1 Journal

1 Stainless Steel 20 oz Tumbler with straw


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